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Status of Parks and Trails

Information on city facilities is constantly being updated. For the most current status of city facilities, please see the Mayor's COVID-19 Updates or the COVID-19 resources page.

  • June 29 - City reopens sports courts and play areas in parks

'Safe Start Washington' Phase 2:  In both parks and on trails, YOU ARE REQUIRED to follow recommended COVID-19 protocols for social distancing, GATHERINGS of 5 people or less, face coverings and proper hand washing procedures.

PARK NOTE - Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park
REDUCED Hours and Access on JULY 4!

    • No fireworks display
    • Modified hours:  8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
    • South area lawn, swim beach and all amenities will be CLOSED for the day
    • Boat launch and areas north will be open, including parking lots, restaurants, pathways and restrooms


    • Boat launch facility at Gene Coulon Park.        

    • Park restrooms, except at Jones Park and Meadow Crest Playground.

    • Playgrounds will begin to open week of June 28.

    • Skate park at Liberty Park will open Thursday, July 2.

    • Sports courts:  Tennis and pickleball courts are open (June 9); basketball and volleyball courts are open (June 26)

    • Sports fields available for rentals and use by groups of five (5) or less.

    • Swim beaches at Gene Coulon Park and Kennydale Beach Park.  WARNING - No lifeguards will be on duty!  Swim at your own risk - children should be accompanied by an adult at all times; adults should not swim alone.                 


    • Park restrooms at Jones Park and Meadow Crest Playground. 

    • Picnic shelters will remain closed through 2020.    

    TRAIL Updates

    FOR YOUR SAFETY please follow directions on all posted signage.

    The Cedar River Trail is narrowed to one lane next to riverbank erosion that occurred following the Cedar River flood event in February, between the Dog Park and Riverview Park. Bicyclists yield to pedestrians and USE EXTREME CAUTION in this area.  City staff are working to secure a plan for repairs to re-open the trail as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Repairs to the Cedar River Trestle Bridge begin May 11 through August 31, 2020. During this time, both the Maplewood Roadside parking lot, access to the river below the bridge, and a segment of the Cedar River Trail across the bridge will be closed. Detour is along the Hwy 169 sidewalk, from Riverview Park to a trail connection east of Maplewood Roadside Park entrance at SE 7th St.

    For Kids

    Cedar River Trail Park and its restroom are open - remember to continue social distancing protocols. TRACK Trail brochures can be printed at home via and you can use them on any hike.  Enjoy the Cedar River Trail or take a walk around your neighborhood to see how animals live outside.  Look for nests and young wildlife as the weather warms!

    Park Rules and Regulations

    • Park Rules and Regulations (RMC 2-9-8)

    • BBQ GRILLS, Sec. C.11: Grills must be less than 36” in length, or more than 30” in height over a combustible surface.  Place hot coals in designated receptacles only.

    • METAL DETECTING, Sec. C.12: Metal detecting with a device to detect ores or metals is not permitted at any City park.

    Share the Trail

    • Obey reduced speed limits and dismount zones that are posted along the Cedar River Trail.

    • Stay on the right except to pass and make your presence known.

    • Share the Trail brochure.

    Dogs and Renton Parks

    • All other parks allow dogs on 6 foot leashes.
    • The Cedar River Dog Park is an off-leash park, located along the Cedar River Trail, a short walk from the Renton Community Center.
    • Pet owners, please obey the ‘Scoop Your Poop’ rule.

    Swimming Area Information



    For safety and enjoyment reasons, dogs are not allowed at Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park or Kennydale Beach Park. Violators may be subject to citations and fines. At all other city parks, dogs are allowed on six-foot leashes. Dogs can run free at the Cedar River Dog Park (1500 Houser Way S).

    TRACK Trail

    Explore the new TRACK Trail at Cedar River Trail Park. TRACK Trails is a free self-guided hike, the first in Washington, that uses educational brochures for children and families.