Utility Systems

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Utility Systems
Renton, WA 98057

The utility systems division manages water utility engineering, wastewater (sewer) utility engineering, surface water utility engineering, and solid waste utility operations to ensure quality planning, engineering, operations, financial integrity, and customer services to residents and businesses in Renton.

Standard Details

  • Standard Details are drawings of approved fabrication, installation, and construction methods


  • Utility Billing (425-430-6852) for questions about utility bills, new service, water service restoration, and final bills for escrow
  • Permit Center (425-430-7200) for questions on water and sewer availability, permit requirements and fees, and developer information
  • City Clerk (425-430-6510) for call for bids/request for proposals and qualifications
  • Information Technology (425-430-6870) for Geographic Information Services about Renton is available for water, wastewater and surface water systems including aquifer protection, erosion, flood, regulated slopes, wetlands, easements and jurisdictions

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