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COVID-19 Update:

Face coverings are not required when outside, unless in crowded outdoor spaces when 6-foot distances cannot be maintained. COVID-19 is still present in our communities and those not fully vaccinated should continue to follow CDC guidelines. For information on Safe Reopening: Public Health - Seattle & King County.

  • Boat Launch and launch pass information for Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park.     

  • Picnic Shelters are currently not available to rent.  Reservation registration opens February 7 for the 2022 season.


FOR YOUR SAFETY please follow directions on all posted signage

(Nov. 12, 2021; 8:15 a.m.) The Lower Walk of the Cedar River Trail is closed between Bronson Way S. and Wells Ave. S. due to high river levels. This closure will be in effect through the fall and winter seasons.

The Cedar River Trail narrows to one lane next to riverbank erosion between the Cedar River Dog Park and Riverview Park. Bicyclists yield to pedestrians and USE EXTREME CAUTION in this area. City staff are working to make repairs and re-open the trail as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Dogs and Renton Parks

  • All other parks allow dogs on 6 foot leashes.
  • The Cedar River Dog Parkis an off-leash park, located along the Cedar River Trail, a short walk from the Renton Community Center.
  • Pet owners, please obey the ‘Scoop Your Poop’ rule.

Park Rules and Regulations

  • Park Rules and Regulations (RMC 2-9-8)

  • Summertime Information:

  • BBQ GRILLS, Sec. C.11: Grills must be less than 36” in length, or more than 30” in height over a combustible surface.  Place hot coals in designated receptacles only.

  • BOUNCE HOUSES, Sec. C.1:  Any inflatable structures, such as 'bounce houses,' are not permitted at any park, except at City-sponsored events.

  • METAL DETECTING, Sec. C.12: Metal detecting with a device to detect ores or metals is not permitted at any City park.

Playground Safety

Since 2019, the city has replaced playgrounds at Cedar River Trail Park, Coulon Park, Liberty Park, Teasdale and Tiffany Parks. We also added a new playground and amenities at Sunset Neighborhood Park.

Over the next six years, more playground replacements are scheduled, including at Kiwanis Park and Kennydale Beach Park in 2022. All these projects are funded through the Capital Improvement Program.

New playgrounds incorporate age- and skill-appropriate equipment for children based on two age groups: 2-5 years and 5-12 years. Safety surfaces are one of two types, either Engineered Wood Fiber or poured-in-place rubberized surfacing. The selected surfacing depends on existing site conditions and budget. All Renton playgrounds have ADA-accessible components.

Typically, a playground will last 15 years. Play equipment selection, layout and installation, and safety surface selection are thoroughly reviewed. Each playground strictly meets the latest Consumer Product Safety Council (CPSC) and American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) certifications for playground safety conformance. Once installed, certified Parks Maintenance Workers routinely inspect playgrounds for continued compliance with CPSC standards.

Share the Trail

  • Obey reduced speed limits and dismount zones that are posted along the Cedar River Trail.

  • Stay on the right except to pass and make your presence known.

  • Share the Trail brochure.

Swimming Areas


TRACK Trail 

You can still have fun in cooler weather when you bring your family and friends to the TRACK Trail at Cedar River Trail Park.  Find TRACK Trail brochures at the park kiosk or print them at home via to use on any hike, whether at the park or in your own neighborhood.  Earn prizes when you record your journey at the park online.

TRACK Trail is a free, self-guided hike and the first in Washington State, that uses educational brochures for children and families. 


Comments, suggestions and questions are always welcome!

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