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Board, Commission, and Advisory Committee Vacancies

Renton Citizens are invited to apply

There are many opportunities for citizens to serve the city. Many residents give their time and share their talents to serve as appointed members of Boards, Commissions, and Advisory Committees.  Youth members must be 15 to 20 years of age.  Current vacancies are as follows:

  • Airport Advisory Committee
    • Kennydale Neighborhood, Alternate
    • South Renton Neighborhood, Alternate 
    • Talbot Hill Neighborhood, Alternate
    • West Hill Neighborhood, Alternate 
    • Airport-At-Large, Primary
    • Airport-At-Large, Alternate (two positions)
  • Civil Service Commission
          No vacancies
  • Community Plan Advisory Board - Benson Hill
          No vacancies
  • Community Plan Advisory Board - City Center
             No vacancies
  • Human Services Advisory Committee
    • One youth vacancy
  • Library Advisory Board
    • No vacancies
  • Parks Commission
    • One youth vacancy
  • Planning Commission
    • No vacancies
  • Police/Fire Civil Service Commission
    • No vacancies
  • Renton Housing Authority
    • No vacancies   
  •   Renton Municipal Arts Commission
    • No vacancies 
  • Senior Citizens Advisory Committee
    • No vacancies

Updated 11/7/17

To learn about any of these volunteer positions, contact the committee or commission staff listed on the Boards, Commissions, and Advisory Committees page.  For an application, please contact the Mayor's Office at 425-430-6500, complete the Online Form, or download an Application for Boards/Commissions/Committees or a Youth Application for Boards/Commissions/Committees.

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