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Traffic Enforcement

The Renton Police Traffic Unit strives to provide a safer city and increased quality of life for all residents and visitors through traffic education, enforcement and engineering. The primary goal is the reduction of highway deaths, personal injury and property damage due to traffic collisions.


The Traffic Unit responds to and reviews every complaint that is received from phone calls, messages, emails and electronically through the Traffic Request Form. This information is shared with Traffic Officers and added to an emphasis list for additional enforcement and visible patrols. The Traffic Unit uses numerous strategies to address problem areas and also works closely with other Divisions in the City when appropriate. After completing the Traffic Request Form, it may take several days for an email response from the Traffic Unit.


Parking EnforcementThe Traffic Unit's Parking Enforcement Officers promote vitality in the business areas through timed parking enforcement and respond to neighborhood issues forwarded through the Traffic Request Form. Residential parking is a significant issue in the City with many houses having more vehicles associated with it than they have parking space in their driveway. A vehicle parked on public property longer than 72 hours is considered abandoned. When the department is made aware of such a vehicle, it is tagged abandoned. State law and city ordinance allow the vehicle to be removed after 72 hours. Generally the city allows the owner 10 days to remove the vehicle before it will be removed on the first complaint. Ongoing violations may result in removal after 72 hours. A property owner can remove vehicles parked on private property at any time. Only under certain circumstances can police remove vehicles on private property. To inform the Traffic Unit about an abandoned vehicle, please complete an electronicTraffic Request form.  Junk or hulk vehicles are handled by the city Code Compliance Officer if they're on private property.  Email the Code Compliance Sergeant or complete a Code Compliance form online.


It is illegal for vehicles with a GVW over 12,000 pounds to be parked in areas zoned residential.


Complaints can be made by completing the online Traffic Request form, but during normal business hours the quickest way to file a parking complaint is by calling the non-emergency police line at 425-235-2121. The Parking Enforcement Controllers are out of the office during the day and are radio dispatched. Please keep in mind that Parking Enforcement Officers do not work a 24/7 schedule. Issues occurring while there is no Parking Enforcement officer working will be handled by an available Traffic or Patrol Officer. It may take several days for the Traffic Unit to respond by email after your request is submitted.

Email the Traffic Unit or call the Traffic Sergeant at 425-430-7561.