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Renton Area Drop Off/Buy Back Recycling Options

Recycling Does Not Stop At The Curb

Even if an item is not accepted in Renton's residential recycling program, it may still be recyclable in our community. Scrap metal, stumps, and concrete, which may normally be taken to the transfer station, can be recycled at locations in or near Renton, often at a much lower cost. Search the King County "What do I do with...?" website for locations to recycle items not currently collected through the City's curbside recycling program. 

The City of Renton hosts Spring and Fall Recycling Events each year to help residents recycle materials that are not accepted curbside. At these events, the City accepts items such as scrap metal, car tires, motor oil and anti-freeze, concrete, clean scrap wood, and more. A notice is sent out each spring and fall with the utility bill. It is also listed in the City Source section of the Renton Reporter.

King County Solid Waste holds a variety of Special Collection Events each year throughout the county where residents can bring some hard to recycle items.

Check out the Household Online Materials Exchange.  A free internet service for King County residents and businesses. People can list used household and building materials to be sold or given away and they also can put on a listing to acquire used materials.  Items are divided into specific categories for ease of use.

For further information on disposal locations and inquiries, visit the  King County Transfer Station  website.

Email the Solid Waste Coordinator.