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Business Watch Information

The Purpose of Business Watch:

To help establish a sense of community awareness among business proprietors in an effort to prevent crimes against businesses.

Goals of Business Watch:

  • Improve communication between business proprietors and the police
  • Provide education and information to business proprietors to help reduce crime in targeted areas
  • Preserve and reclaim our business centers and eliminate conditions that give rise to crime
  • Encourage business owners to utilize security measures to the fullest extent in order to deter crime
  • Solicit information and ideas from the public which would increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Business Watch Program

The Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit provides these free services:

Training for businesses on the following subjects:

  • Shoplifting
  • Armed Robbery / Robbery Prevention
  • Counterfeit Bill and Counterfeit Identification Recognition
  • Check and Credit Card Fraud and Forgery
  • Commercial Burglary / Burglary Prevention

The Crime Prevention Unit will conduct a security survey of your business to see if there are areas that can be targeted to make the business more secure.  A Police Department crime prevention specialist will come to your business to look over your locks, windows, security system, etc., and make recommendations that will enhance the security of your business.  The Department also provides program stickers to advertise community awareness.

Have you updated your business emergency contact information?  If your business door was found unlocked in the middle of the night, would we know who to call?  If you have not updated your emergency contact information recently, please click here to download the form. 

To download a copy of our Business Trespass Authorization Form, click here.

If you own or operate a business in the City of Renton and are interested in the Business Watch Program, you may email or call the Crime Prevention Coordinator at (425) 430-7519.