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Citizenship and Voting

Becoming a US Citizen

To become a U.S. citizen, contact the United States Citizen and Immigration Service.  This federal agency provides information and resources to people who have just become permanent residents in the United States, and when they are ready and eligible to begin the formal naturalization process.


To vote in the State of Washington you must register or transfer your voter registration 30 days before an election. If you register by mail, your application must be postmarked by the 30-day cutoff or it will not become effective until after the election.  If you are not already registered to vote in Washington and you miss the 30-day deadline, you can register in person at the King County Elections Department until 15 days before the election. King County Elections is located at:  919 SW Grady Way, Renton WA 98057.

To register to vote in the state of Washington, you must be:

  • A citizen of the United States.
  • A legal resident of Washington State
  • At least 18 years old by election day

If you meet the above criteria you can register by completing and mailing in a voter registration form. 

You may not register to vote if you are:

  • Presently denied your civil rights due to a felony conviction.
  • Judicially declared mentally incompetent and ineligible to vote.

You must complete a voter registration form if you are registering for the first time in Washington or if you have moved to a new county. If you have moved within the King County, you may transfer your registration by completing a new form or contacting the King County Elections Department by mail, email or phone. There is no registration by political party in Washington State.

In Renton, mail-in voter registration forms are available at the following locations: (Citizens are not required to register in person.)

  • Renton City Hall, City Clerk Division, Seventh Floor, 1055 South Grady Way, Renton, Washington 98057, Monday thru Friday
  • Renton Main Library, 100 Mill Avenue South Renton, Washington 98057, Monday thru Saturday
  • Renton Highlands Library, 2901 NE 12th Street, Renton, Washington 98056, Monday thru Saturday, excluding Friday

For more information about voter registration, visit King County Elections.

For the election calendar and ballot boxes in King County see How and When to Vote