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Office of the City Clerk

The mission of the Office of the City Clerk is to preserve the City's official records and to maintain and provide accurate and timely information through various media formats to meet the needs of City officials, the community, and City departments. Every City in Washington State has a City Clerk's office.  These offices work under specific authorities imposed by the laws of the State of Washington and ordinances of a specific city government. The City Clerk is a full-time, non-civil  service position in charge of the Office of the City Clerk. Renton's City Clerk is Jason A. Seth, CMC. (email

Regular Office Hours:  8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Monday - Friday)
Phone: 425.430.6510
Fax: 425.430.6516

Open Government Training

State Law:   Washington’s open government requirements are in state law. Open public records laws are at RCW 42.56. Open public meeting laws are at RCW 42.30 and RCW 42.32. These are Washington’s “sunshine laws.”  In addition, records management and retention laws are RCW 40.14.

Training is Required:  Effective July 1, 2014, the Open Government Training Act (ESB5964) requires many public officials and all agency records officers to receive the training.  Here is guidance from the Office of the Attorney General.

The online training curriculum is divided into two parts:  Open Public Meetings Act and Public Records Act Training.

Lesson 1:  Open Public Meetings Act - RCW 42.30 and RCW 42.32

Lesson 2:  Public Records Act - RCW 42.56 and  RCW 40.14


The responsibilities of the Office of the City Clerk include:

  • Maximizing access to City government.
  • Attending all meetings of the City Council and keeping a complete record of the proceedings thereof; supporting Council in its legislative and policy-making functions.
  • Maintaining custody of: the City's seal; the original roll of ordinances; the original contracts, deeds and certificates relative to the title of any property of the City; providing public access to records.
  • Citywide records management.
  • Attesting to all public instruments and official acts of the Mayor and providing certified copies of original records as may be required.
  • Publishing legal notices, processing petitions, managing departmental budget, and serving on the Firemen's Pension Board.

The City Clerk's role, and that of all staff of the Office of the City Clerk, requires neutrality and independence as key qualities in conducting its business. The office is a non-political and objective component of government service; all City departments contribute to the City Clerk's delivery of services to the community.