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King County Annexation Initiative

As part of the King County Annexation Initiative, King County actively promotes annexation of urban unincorporated areas.  King County encourages annexation because of the financial challenges associated with providing local services to such divergent areas.  If areas that are adjacent to existing cities were annexed and served by a city, it would allow the county to focus on providing services to the rural area.  The goals of King County's annexation initiative are:

  • Preserve the quality of local services to urban communities by transferring governance responsibility to cities, which have more revenue options available for funding urban local services than the county.
  • Preserve the quality of county regional and rural local services by providing financial relief to these budgets dependent on general county tax revenue.
  • Ensure the smooth transition of service from the county to the cities for citizens, as well as county employees and departments.

For additional information about annexations, please call 425.430.6575.