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Community Development Block Grant helps keep Renton a place where families thrive

CDBG funds support the City of Renton’s Housing Repair Assistance Program (HRAP) for minor home repairs and King County’s Housing Repair Program for major home repairs.


HRAP provides free repair services to improve the health and safety of residents in their homes. This helps keep housing safe and affordable and improves the comfort and livability of the neighborhoods.

Services include:

  • Disability/accessibility aids like installation of ramps, hand rails, grab bars, elevated toilet seats, hand held showerheads and bath benches.
  • Electrical services that includes repair or replacement services for faulty outlets, switches, fixtures, circuits and service panels.
  • Plumbing services that is repair or replacement services for faulty faucets, leaking pipes, failed water heaters, faulty toilets and waste line drainage problems.
  • Safety: installation of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and lock sets.

The King County Housing Repair Program Major Housing Repair program offers deferred payment, zero interest loans, and grants for necessary, quality of life improvements. Funds can be used for such things as replacing a roof, installing a new sewer line or septic system, or making entrances and living areas more accessible.

Meeting the Needs of Individuals and Families

CDBG also funds services that help low and moderate income families. The Multi-Service Center’s Emergency Assistance Program  services include eviction/housing stability assistance by providing rent, utilities, bus tickets and cold weather motel vouchers to at-risk, low-income individuals and families, disabled persons and senior citizens.

Domestic Abuse Women’s Network Housing Program provides a continuum of emergency and transitional housing that take survivors of domestic violence and their children from crisis homelessness to permanent housing, and continue s to support them to ensure safety and

Courage360 is a workforce development program that provides offer computer skills training, life skills instruction, financial literacy, workplace behavior training and barrier reduction counseling to low income women. To find out where classes in Renton are being held, call 253-590-0638.

Keeping Communities Livable and Promoting Strong Neighborhoods

The Housing Repair Assistance Program works with other departments in the City of Renton and nonprofit agencies to help keep Renton communities livable. HRAP works with the City of Renton Water department to help diagnose and repair water leaks. HRAP works with volunteer groups like Catholic Community Services Volunteer Chore Service, East Renton Community Church and Rotary to help Renton residents keep their homes safe and healthy places to live. HRAP does cooperative projects with the King County Housing Repair Program where both programs help pay for repairs like a new roof, whole house re-wiring or re-plumbing and sewer repair or replacement.

Capital Funds are helping to build the inclusive Meadow Crest Playground.

Accessible PlaygroundMeadow Crest Playground is a joint development project between the City of Renton and the Renton School District for an accessible playground co-located on the City's North Highlands Neighborhood Center and the School District's Meadow Crest Early Learning Center properties at 3000 NE 16th Street. Meadow Crest is an accessible playground for both special needs and able bodied children along with their families and caregivers. It includes district, age appropriate play areas accessible to children and families of all abilities. Click here to see the Meadow Crest Playground Master Presentation.  This is considered a neighborhood playground with the service area being a half mile radius.  51.67% of the residents in this service area are low or moderate income.

CDBG funds was used to purchase and install eight picnic tables along with approximately 900 square feet of ADA accessible sidewalk along NE 16th Street. Labor will be provided by City of Renton staff.

Salvation Army

CDBG funds provide a suitable living environment primarily for low and moderate income persons. CDBG funds have been used for capital projects such as the Renton Rotary Salvation Army Food Bank. The food bank is the community’s primary source of food. To get more information about the food bank, click here

The Pediatric Interim Care Center (PICC)


The Pediatric Interim Care Center (PICC) provides specialized, 24-hour care for drug-exposed and medically fragile newborns.

 PICC brings babies safely through withdrawal from drugs, including heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, methadone, and prescription drugs. The pioneering program also facilitates visitation for families, provides caregiver training, follows the babies after they leave, and offers and a range of community outreach and education services.
To get more information, click here.