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Shelter Information

It is the policy of the City of Renton to assign the highest priority to the protection of human life during an emergency or disaster.  Disasters are unpredictable and can affect some or all citizens.  During a disaster you may be asked to relocate to an assigned area or shelter-in-place.  The City of Renton along with the Red Cross may have facilities to house, feed, and care for affected citizens.  These buildings will be located throughout the City and will open when needed and are not immediately threatened by the disaster.  Most shelters do have a limited space and are unable to house pets or animals.

If a need should arise, shelter and evacuation information will be sent to the media, and you may monitor television or radio stations to get current information. You may also visit the new Critical Emergency Information  page for up to date information in an emergency. Special evacuation routes may be given due to closed or blocked roads.  When citizens do not have their own transportation, mass transit may become available when routes are established.

We ask that all citizens prepare now to be without water, food, and utilities for a week or more.  Shelters are just a temporary bandage on a larger problem and are not a substitute for personal preparedness.