Renton City Concert Band

Renton City Concert Band flier.Click to download the flierThe year was 1986, and a new band was forged in the hills of Renton; The Renton Parks and Recreation Community Band.  The band’s debut concert garnered an audience that was thoroughly entertained and also outnumbered by the members of the band. As word spread of the band's talent, there was nowhere to go but up.

Today the band is known as the Renton City Concert Band and after 32 years of pure entertainment, they continue to be an important part of the community's culture.  Having quickly outgrown the venue at Carco Theatre the band now performs regularly at the IKEA Performing Arts Center at Renton High School.

Conductor Michael Simpson leads the 65 member band at the Fabulous 4th of July, Summer Outdoor ConcertsRenton River Days and fall and winter concerts at the IKEA Performing Arts Center.   For tickets and additional information, please contact the Renton Community Center at 425-430-6700. 

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