Regional and Federal Affairs Agenda

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King County Metro: Renton will actively seek needed funding and prioritization for enhanced transit service, particularly through the “Metro Connects,” the regional mobility framework, and transit-equity processes underway.

Sound Transit: Renton will actively seek to ensure that Interstate 405 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stays fully funded and on a 2024 delivery schedule. The City also will look to expedite a study of Light Rail Transit extension options into the City. Renton will also seek to ensure a City elected official fills the next Eastside Subarea seat that comes open on the Sound Transit Board.

Puget Sound Regional Council: Renton will take an active role in pursuing PSRC federal pass-through funding that is made available within the region.

Eastside Rail Corridor (“Eastrail”): Renton will work to ensure that funding and right-of-way easements are put in place to ensure Eastrail extends to the area including Southport, The Landing, and Boeing-Renton (including Cedar River and future Lake-to-Sound trail connections). Renton also will work hard to include and find funding for missing links such as the one between 44th Street and Ripley Lane.

Pilot Water Taxi Service: Renton will work closely with SECO Development, King County, and other parties to ensure that pilot water-taxi service planned for Renton-to-South Lake Union as early as 2021 includes an achievable plan for transferring riders from the Southport stop to other locations via public transit and other non-single-occupancy-vehicle options.

Affordable Housing/Homelessness

Sunset Area: Renton will partner with the Renton Housing Authority, the South King Housing and Homelessness Partnership (SKHHP), and other community partners to put significant investment into quality affordable housing projects and to enhance funding where possible, including evaluating the potential of a Renton Housing Levy in 2020.

Homeless Shelters, Feeding Program: The City will continue with a strategy of facilitating efforts that allow non-profit and faith-based organizations to supplement existing shelter space for the homeless. Additionally, the City will work to find a permanent site for the feeding program and cold-weather shelter services that are being displaced from the old Chamber Building within the Renton Airport.

Parks, Trails, Youth Services, and Open Space

Family First Community Center: Renton will continue to explore all possible funding options to close a remaining $4.78 million gap in needed capital to begin construction of the FFCC sometime in 2020.

Countywide Parks Levy: Renton will work to ensure that investments included within the successful August 2019 levy are implemented—and will also pursue grant funding through programs such as the “Penny for Pools” component of the levy.

Eastside Rail Corridor (“Eastrail”): 
See above under “Transportation/Transit.”

Flood Control

Project needs: Renton will continue to pursue future funds through the Flood Control Zone District (FCZD) for next-phase projects identified in the Cedar River Capital Investment Strategy, Renton Levee Certification, the Lower Cedar River Feasibility Study, and Lower Cedar River Maintenance Dredging. Additionally, the City will work with area County Councilmembers to ensure the expenditure of planned funding for the Black River Pump Station replacement project, which would result in significant flood-prevention benefits to South Renton. 

Public Safety–including Mental Health Services

Regional Initiatives, Task Forces, Etc: Renton will be a regular and active participant in regional efforts involving mental health, drug enforcement, intervention to address opioid addiction, gang prevention, natural disaster response, and more. 

Human Services

Potential Funding: The City will work closely with non-profit organizations, faith-based entities, and others to pursue human services funding that benefits the Renton community, including ways to access Veterans, Seniors & Human Services Levy, Best Starts for Kids, and other available funding streams.

Arts and Culture

Build 4Culture: Renton will establish an inventory of projects throughout the community to ensure that the City’s arts and cultural organizations are regularly and assertively seeking funds through Build 4Culture and other available pots of funding.

Solid Waste

Renton Transfer Station: In the updated King County Solid Waste Management Plan, Renton will seek to ensure that other transfer stations being built for East King County serve as the major location for regional waste disposal, and that the Renton Transfer Station be maintained only for more locally based disposal needs.

Federal Affairs Agenda


Renton will seek to ensure that the next update to the Federal Transportation Act includes needed increases in funding for Washington State—and that Congress preserves funding streams for public transit providers and for Sound Transit, including Federal Full Funding Agreements (FFAs).

Renton Airport

Renton will work to access Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funds for Renton Airport infrastructure needs—and will seek FEMA Pre-Disaster Mitigation funds for a new air traffic control tower. Additionally, the City strongly supports federal actions to better ensure that “by-contract” air traffic control towers are adequately funded and can hire and retain well-trained controllers.

Sunset Area Transformation

Renton will work closely with the Renton Housing Authority and other community partners to evaluate­—and pursue where appropriate—federal funding opportunities to enhance the stock of quality affordable housing in the Sunset Area.

Family First Community Center

Renton will actively pursue federal sources of funding to help with both short-term capital costs and long-term operating costs of the FFCC.

Quendall Terminals

:Renton will work with its Congressional Delegation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that the cleanup plan for the 23-acre Quendall Terminals site stays on track so that a “Record of Decision” can be issued and potential redevelopment proposals can occur.

Grant Funding Opportunities

Renton will work with its congressional delegation, community partners, and other local and regional agencies to consistently seek out and evaluate potential federal grant opportunities that could be value-added for the City.

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