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The Library Advisory Board serves in an advisory capacity to the mayor and city council. It also coordinates with, and provide input to, the King County Library Board and local library officials, regarding the scope and quality of library services provided by the King County Library System to the residents of Renton. To the extent it is requested to do so, the board represents the city’s interest before the King County Library Board with respect to services.


Laurie Beden
Jaime Greene
Lynne King
Erica Richey (Chair)
Kim Unti (Vice-Chair)

Joining the Board

Residents of Renton are eligible to be appointed to the advisory board. Interested persons can fill out an application, submit it to the Mayor’s office, and go through an interview process with the existing board. The Board then makes recommendations to the Mayor and City Council, who approve the final appointment.

Members serve terms that vary from one to five years. Applications are accepted at any time, but interviews will only be conducted when there is a vacancy.

The board is governed by the Renton Municipal Code.

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