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Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park consists of 57 acres along the southeastern shore of Lake Washington. The park offers a unique opportunity for both land-based and water-related recreational activities.

 COVID-19 Update:  Face coverings are not required when outside, unless in crowded outdoor spaces when 6-foot distances cannot be maintained.  COVID-19 is still present in our communities and those not fully vaccinated should continue to follow CDC guidelines.  For information on Safe Reopening:  Public Health - Seattle & King County.

Boat Launch and launch pass information for Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park.

No Dogs, Please

For the enjoyment of all park visitors, dogs are not allowed at Gene Coulon Park and Kennydale Beach Park. Violators are subject to citations and fines. At all other City of Renton parks, dogs are allowed on 6-ft leashes, or visit the Cedar River Dog Park at 1500 Houser Way S, where they can run free.

Coulon Park Play Area Ages 2-5Coulon Play Area Ages 5-12Coulon Park Play Area Ages 5-12Coulon Park Play Area

New Coulon Play Area is Open

Construction on the Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park playground replacement is complete and the playground is open.

The new play equipment was chosen based on a community survey conducted in the summer of 2020. The new playground includes many all-abilities components: see-saw, group swing and individual swings, and two unique climbing structures. The project is funded by Washington state taxpayers through a State Direct Legislative Appropriation.

The project was funded by Washington state taxpayers through a State Direct Legislative Appropriation.

Park Amenities

Park Amenities

  • Four (4) picnic shelters (reservations required) NOT AVAILABLE until further notice.
  • Eight (8) lane boat launch
  • Play equipment
  • Over 1.5 miles of paved walking trails along the shoreline
  • Two (2) tennis courts
  • Two (2) horseshoe pits
  • Two (2) sand volleyball courts
  • Fishing pier
  • Ivars Seafood Bar and Kidd Valley restaurants
  • Water walk
  • Summer swimming area (Swimming is permitted only at the swimming beach. Although swimming is permitted at any time during hours of operation, swimmers are advised to observe the posted signs indicating when a lifeguard is on duty).
  • ADA accessible

Current Construction Projects

Trestle Bridge Replacement 2020-22

The Trestle Bridge Replacement was identified in the 2019 $14.5 million Parks Bond as a high priority project for Major Site Improvements. The pedestrian trestle bridge is over 37 years old and showing signs of its age. 

In 2019, a structural dive and review determined the existing trestle bridge needed replacing.  The replacement bridge will meet environmental regulations. 

Major Site Improvements for the Trestle Bridge will include:

  • Removing existing timber bridge and pilings

  • Replacing bridge with a single-span steel bridge structure

  • Light penetration decking

  • Viewing area with interpretive signage 

Engineering and design work will begin in February 2020 with construction anticipated to begin in late 2021 and be completed in mid-2022.

Gene Coulon Mmeorial Beach Park Trestle Bridge

North Waterwalk Improvements 2020-22

The North Water Walk Improvements were identified in the 2019 $14.5 million Parks Bond as a high priority project for Park’s Major Site Improvements.  Built in the 1982, the park structure requires modifications to maintain structural integrity, safety and meet requirements of the WA State Department of Natural Resources Lease Agreement.

Major Site Improvements for the North Water Walk include:

  • Replacing concrete decking with new steel framing and 60% light penetration fiberglass decking, similar to the deck around Ivar’s Restaurant

  • Replacing all wood timbers – bull rails and fascia boards with plastic timber

  • Galvanizing existing handrails and repainting light poles

  • Refurbishing picnic floats with new light penetrating fiberglass grating and plastic timber. Refurbishing benches and tables with Alaskan Yellow Cedar to match tables and benches along promenade

  • Repainting Pilot House

Engineering and design work is scheduled from January 2020 through mid-2021 with construction anticipated to begin in mid-2021 through mid-2022.

Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park North Waterwalk

Playground Replacement 2020-2021

Coulon Park playground replacement graphic

New Playground Construction

Opening: Jan. 20, 2021

Construction to replace the 17-year-old playground at Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park begins on October 26th. The new playground is anticipated to open in early 2021 and is funded by the Taxpayers of Washington State through a State Direct Legislative Appropriation and Renton Regional Community Foundation Charles L. Custer Renton Park Memorial Fund. The outdoor exercise equipment will also be replaced. The playground design option was chosen by community members in a survey conducted this summer. Please contact project manager Erica Schmitz or call 206-550-4503 with any questions.

Play Equipment

Thank you so much to the 931 community members who responded to the survey to select the new playground design for Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park. Respondents were asked what they liked best about each design as well as for general feedback for the city to consider. The survey was shared on the city’s social media channels, website, and Our Renton Weekly newsletter and was available for two weeks.

Fifty-three percent (53%) of respondents preferred Option A, while Forty-seven percent (47%) preferred Option B.  The community preferred Option A for its layout, variety, climbing structures, and multi-person and inclusive swings.  As a result, Option A was selected as the design for the play equipment replacement.

The selected playground design provides many all-abilities components, which include a “we-saw” all-abilities see-saw, an all-abilities group swing and individual inclusive swings, super net-plex and crab trap structures.  

For both the 2-5 and 5-12 age group play areas, the number of transfer-accessible and ground-accessible components significantly exceeds requirements.  The charts below include more detail on the number of accessible components.

2 - 5 Age Group Area




Elevated components
accessible by transfer
 5    9
Accessible ground-level
 3    12


5 - 12 Age Group Area




Elevated components
accessible by transfer
 10   16
Accessible ground-level
 6    21

Survey Results: Other Comments

One of the top comments received was a request for rubberized poured in place surfacing rather than engineered wood fiber (EWF) safety surfacing. The existing EWF safety surfacing is proposed to be replaced with new EWF and complies with American Disability Act standards for playground surfacing. Rubberized surfacing is not possible at Coulon due to the high water table and associated drainage concerns. However, the new Sunset Neighborhood Park play area will have rubberized safety surfacing, and it is also being evaluated for use at the Liberty Park playground, which is also planned for replacement.

Other common requests included a splash park or spray park. This amenity is beyond the scope of this playground replacement and the guarded swim beach at Coulon provides the opportunity for water play at the park. A mist water feature at the new Sunset Neighborhood Park is currently under construction. 

Finally, exercise equipment for adults was frequently requested.  The existing exercise equipment adjacent to the Coulon Park play area is planned for replacement as part of the playground replacement project.

Project Funding and Timeline

As part of the 2019-2021 State Capital Budget, a Direct Appropriation grant was awarded to completely fund Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park Play Equipment Replacement Project. This grant funding allows the City to complete the replacement of the existing 17-year-old play equipment.

The project includes removing and replacing the existing play equipment, safety surfacing, and improving subsurface drainage for the play area. Construction is planned for this coming fall/winter. 

Completed Construction Projects

Structural Repairs 2018-19

The structural repairs to eight facilities at Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park have been completed after eight months of construction, which started in September of 2018.

Repairs to the facilities included:

  • the replacement of structural steel and timber decking at the Ivar’s deck with new galvanized steel, fiberglass and aluminum grating;

  • new aluminum finger piers at the Day Boat Moorage;

  • removal of wood timber wave skirts at the North Water Walk and South Water Walk;

  • new floatation and deck repairs at the Sailing Center;

  • structural piling repairs at the Trestle Bridge;

  • new plastic timber lagging at the Wave Break;

  • repairs to the main dock and hinge replacements at the piers at the boat launch.

The structural improvements to the facilities replaced aging structural components and wood timbers with new galvanized steel and aluminum, fiberglass grating, and plastic timber. Increasing the life span, decreasing maintenance, increased safety, and meeting new aquatic environmental requirements, these improvements will provide years of service for park patrons visiting Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park. 

Paver Repair Project 2015

Coulon Park Pavers

In 2015, the plaza concrete pavers outside of Kidd Valley restaurant and the North Pavilion at Coulon Park were determined to be no longer functional. Originally installed in 1982, they were replaced them with poured-in-place concrete which are fully accessible, provide safe circulation, and will last for at least 50 years.

Hours of Operation

         8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
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