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Development Projects

The Department of Community and Development Services maintains a development projects list which provides information about ongoing developments within the City limits. The list includes a project description, contact information, and indicates the status of the development.

Developments are listed by project type and in chronological order and is in Adobe PDF format. In order to provide residents and developers with current information, this page is typically updated weekly.

Development Categories

 Single Family Listings, 2016
 Single Family Listings, 2015
 Single Family Listings, 2014
 Single Family Listings, 2013
 Single Family Listings, 2012
 Single Family Listings, 2011
 Single Family Listings, 2010
 Single Family Listings, 2009
 Single Family Listings, 2008
 Single Family Listings, 2007
 Single Family Listings, 2006
 Single Family Listings, 2005

 Multi-Family, 2005-2012
 Multi-Family, 2013-present
 Commercial, 2005-2012
 Commercial, 2013-present
 Industrial, 2004-2012
 Industrial, 2013-present
 School / Utility / Public 2005-2012
 School / Utility / Public 2013-present
 Church / Daycare 2005-2012
 Church / Daycare 2013-present
 Wireless 2005-2012
 Wireless 2013-present

Click Here to view Current Land Use Applications.

Major Development Sites Available in Renton