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Renton Aerospace

Renton – The Center of Opportunity in Aerospace


 Mayor Law on Boeing Tour

Mayor Denis Law tours Renton Boeing 737 Plant with Eric Lindblad, VP of Manufacturing Operations.
October 31, 2011


A 70-year Legacy of Innovation and Excellence in Aviation 

Over the last 70 years Renton has been home to the best-selling commercial airplanes in aviation history, including the Boeing 707, 727, 757, 737 and 737NG, and has now been selected as the production location for the 737 MAX.  Renton’s contribution to the movement of goods and people around the world is astounding.  Forty-two percent of the jetliners in air around the world today took their maiden flights from Renton Municipal Airport. With nearly 9,000 737s delivered, a Renton-built 737 takes off or lands somewhere in the world every 2.2 seconds.  

 Boeing 707


 Boeing 737

Three of The Boeing Company’s six main business divisions, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Boeing Capital and the Shared Services Group, are headquartered in Renton, firmly positioning the City as Boeing’s command post in Washington State and, arguably, the entire Western United States.   Renton is also home to the Northwest Mountain Region Federal Aviation Administration Regional Office and Aeronautical Center and dozens of other aerospace-related manufacturing, service and supply companies, including: 

Poised for Continued Expansion 

Renton is eager to see its aviation history continue for decades to come and is continually working with The Boeing Company and other companies to take steps to ensure its position as the center of aerospace in the Puget Sound region.  The company is in the process of making massive improvements to the Renton site to support announced increased 737 production rates to 42 planes per month by 2014 and to prepare for production of the 737 MAX. With 11% of Washington State’s exports and 3% of the State’s overall economic impact directly attributable to 737 production and approximately 15,000 aerospace workers in Renton, Renton’s aerospace sector is quite clearly one of the most important contributors to the Pacific Northwest economy. 

The Boeing Renton Plant totals approximately 190 acres in North Renton on the short of Lake Washington.  In addition, Renton has a number of large and affordable development sites available to support additional aerospace manufacturing, research and development, and industry-related business activity. 

Check out our aerospace flyer to learn more about Renton’s aerospace industry and opportunities for expansion.

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Renton’s Successful Partnership with The Boeing Company

“We have a 70 year partnership with Renton.  The Boeing 737 program for the foreseeable future wants to continue that partnership.  Our relationship with the local leadership in Renton has been powerful.  When we have issues, opportunities, projects to work on, everybody from the Mayor to the City Council to the local businesses help us solve those problems.”
Beverly Wyse, Vice President and General Manager, Boeing 737 Program 


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