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Paperless Plan Review begins in Renton on April 3rd! For more information, click here.

The Planning Division is responsible for development and enforcement of the City’s land use policies and regulations, including the Comprehensive Plan, zoning, shoreline management, and environmental ordinances; review and processing of all land use and subdivision permit applications, and utility permit applications (storm water, drainage, roads, ROW, and street lighting). The Planning Division maintains four sections which includes: 

Long Range Planning

The Long Range Planning section provides long-range land-use planning for the Renton community, including developing, updating, managing, and implementing the City's Comprehensive Plan, establishing the zoning framework for development within the City, and ensuring compliance with the Growth Management Act (GMA).  The Long Range Planning section also analyzes policy issues; provides State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review on legislative actions; prepares zoning, development, and environmental ordinances; processes annexation proposals; and creates strategies for community redevelopment.

Recent Strategic Planning Topics include:

The Long Range Planning section is directed by Chip Vincent, CED Administrator and for more information regarding long-range planning or major land-use changes, call 425.430.6575.

Current Planning

Jennifer Henning, Planning Director directs the other three sections of the Planning Division including:

The Current Planning section ensures quality land development through the effective administration of local, state, and federal land use regulations.  Current Planning reviews both private and public land use applications in conjunction with the City's Zoning and Development Regulations, Subdivision Code, Critical Areas Regulations, Shoreline Master Program, and State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA).

The Current Planning section is assisted by a Hearing Examiner.  The Hearing Examiner conducts public hearings to review and either approve or deny certain land use permit applications.  In some cases (such as rezones and preliminary plats), the Hearing Examiner makes a recommendation to the City Council.  Similarly, the Planning Director has the authority to approve or deny certain land use permit applications (such as short plats, variances, and boundary line adjustments).

For information about zoning, subdivision, or land use applications, please contact Current Planning at 425.430.7294 or email us at

For information regarding Administrative Policy/Code Interpretations, please click here.

For information regarding the Current Planning section, please email Vanessa Dolbee, Current Planning Manager, or call 425.430.7314.

Property & Technical Services

The Property & Technical Services section provides and supports a variety of mapping data and land surveying activities across the enterprise.  Specifically, these include the development and maintenance of the City’s survey control network, review of land surveys and subdivision documents to assure conformance with City and State requirements and protection of the public’s interests, review and prepare legal descriptions for various property related activities, right of way and property acquisition and disposal, releases of easement and street vacation processing, review and determination of utility development fees, establishment and maintenance of property and land related databases, applications and maps.

For information and assistance regarding the Property & Technical Services section, please email Amanda Askren, Mapping Coordinator, or call 425.430.7369.

Development Engineering Plan Review

The Development Engineering Plan Review section overseas and provides utility plan review for the City and private development projects. Reviews plans for water, storm water and sewer utilities, coordinates transportation review, conducts pre-design and pre-construction meetings with applicants and prepares, reviews and issues construction, utility, and street permits.

For more information regarding the Development Engineering Plan Review section, please email Brianne Bannwarth, Development Engineering Manager, or call 425.430.7299.

Frequently Requested Planning Maps, Forms, and Information

Comprehensive Plan Map
Zoning Map
Renton Municipal Code Development Regulations (Title IV)
Hearing Examiner Reports
Land Use Permit Application Forms
Land Use Application Terms
Land Use Permit Process Time Lines 
Sensitive Areas Maps