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Business Demographics

Renton's success is in the numbers.

Renton is a community on the move and demographics tell that story.

Renton Demographics

In 2015, ESRI estimated that in the City of Renton:

  • The total population was 98,678*
  • There were 38,617 households
  • The median home value was $357,808
  • The percentage of owner-occupied housing units was 49.2%
  • The average household income was $78,957 and the median household income was $64,501
  • The average disposable income was $64,622 and the median disposable income was $53,133
  • The average net worth was $406,475 and the median net worth was $70,867

*According to the Washington State Office of Financial Management, Renton's population in 2015 was 98,470.

For additional information, check out the various Renton demographic reports or the summary Renton demographic composite below.  The information includes base data for 2010, estimates for 2015, and projections for 2020 as available.

Number of Employees by Industry (2012)


Total Number of Employees 



3,083 (6.0%)


8,786 (17.1%)

Wholesale Trade

1,696 (3.3%)

Retail Trade

6,320 (12.3%)


3,031 (5.9%)

Finance/Insurance/Real Estate

2,775 (5.4%)


22,095 (43%)


1,593 (3.1%)


2,004 (3.9%)


Renton’s Top Ten Tapestry Segments


Enterprising Professionals (2D)


City Lights (8A)


Metro Fusion (11C)


Old and Newcomers (8F)


Pleasantville (2B)


Bright Young Professionals (8C)


Parks and Rec (5C)


Soccer Moms (4A)


Home Improvement


Set to Impress


Cumulative Total (Top Ten Tapestry Segments):



For more information, check out the Renton Tapestry Segmentation Area Profile.

For more background information regarding Tapestry Segmentation, check out the Tapestry Segmentation flyer the detailed Tapestry Segmentation Reference Guide.

Additional Business Demographics

The City also has limited business demographic data available for the following areas in Renton.  The information includes 1, 3 and 5-mile radii data and 10 and 15-minute drive time data from the intersections noted in parenthesis below.

Sources:  ESRI forecasts (2014) and U.S. Census Bureau (2010).  Although represented to be reliable, the information is not guaranteed and should be independently verified.


Additional Demographic Data for the City of Renton and specific areas of the City

Unparalleled Growth

Of the ten most populated cities in Washington State, the City of Renton has had the most dramatic and fastest population increase in the last ten years with an unparalleled 82% growth!  For more information, check out “Not Your Father’s Renton,” the 2010 Census and the changing demographics of the 8th largest city in Washington State*.

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