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Police Department Volunteer Program


Currently accepting applications for the Special Events Volunteer position, if you are interested please apply today!

 The Renton Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency that includes commissioned officers, non-commissioned personnel, and volunteer staff. The department is divided into seven divisions: Patrol, Patrol Services, Investigations, Administrative Services, Auxiliary Services, Staff Services and Special Operations.

Volunteers have been serving the Renton Police Department since 1981. The first volunteer performed vacation house checks, an important crime prevention program that is still active today. There are currently over 30 volunteers working for the Police Department in various capacities.

Volunteers are an important asset to the Renton Police Department. Today there are volunteer positions in almost every division of the Department.  When the Department was obtaining accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, an on-site assessment report noted that our volunteers were completely ingrained into the operation of our organization and that it was clear that if volunteers ceased to exist, it would have a dramatic negative impact on the agency.

As a volunteer within the Police Department, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the overall quality of service the Police Department provides to the community. It is important to be aware that you represent the Department and the City to our citizens.

Volunteer positions in the Police Department include:

Receptionist:  Provides reception and clerical assistance to the Investigations Division of the Renton Police Department.

Vacation House Checker:  Assists in preventing residential burglary by providing security checks on vacant homes while the occupants are on vacation. (Volunteer must have a valid driver's license.)

Records Clerk:  Assists the Staff Services Division by maintaining files and records.

Fingerprint Technician:  Provides assistance to the public and the Auxiliary Services Division in the area of fingerprinting, ID cards, and mug shots.

Abandoned Vehicle Processor: To facilitate the removal of abandoned vehicles from City streets. (Volunteer must have a valid driver's license.)

Pawned Property Associate: Assist in locating and tracking stolen property through pawn shop activity.

Special Events Volunteer: To assist the Community Programs Department at community outreach events in the City.  

If you are interested in joining the dynamic group of Police Department volunteers, contact Stephanie Hynes, Community Programs Coordinator, at (425) 430-7519 for an application, or download the volunteer application and return it to the address listed on the bottom of the form.