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Risk Management


Risk Management helps provide a safe environment for our employees and citizens,  minimize financial risks to the city, protect the financial assets of the City of Renton by creating a safe environment for its employees, citizens, and visitors as well as identifying, analyzing and implementing risk prevention and safety programs and developing effective channels of communication through excellent customer service.

How do I file a claim for damages against the city?

If you believe that the city is responsible for damages to you or your property, you must file a written claim.  In order to meet legal requirements you must supply specific information. To assist you in meeting those requirements, the city has prepared a claim form for your use.  Claim forms  are available from the City Clerk's Office or the Risk Management Division or on our Risk Management web page below. Completed claims should be notarized and mailed or hand delivered to the City Clerk's Office along with copies of invoices, receipts or pictures documenting your damages. Please note the City Clerks Offices offers notary services.  A copy of your claim will be  sent to the Risk Management Division. This Division is responsible for moving the claim to our insurance carrier, when necessary, for investigation and possible settlement. The claims adjuster will investigate your claim and determine if the city is legally responsible for your damages and, if so, for how much. Generally, the city will only pay for damages when it can be shown that the city was negligent in its operations. You will receive written notice of action taken on your claim within 45 days after it was filed.

If you have any questions related to risk management, please contact:

Gary Lamb
Risk Manager



Claim For Damages Form