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Mayor's Inclusion Task Force sets priorities for 2017


January 31, 2017

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Mayor’s Inclusion Task Force sets priorities for 2017
Group’s work will continue to focus on making all residents of Renton feel safe and welcome

RENTON, WA ­– The City of Renton’s Mayor’s Inclusion Task Force reconvened for their first meeting last week, set their 2017 goals and welcomed seven new members, increasing their representation to 16 ethnic groups.

“I was very pleased to see the turnout for our first meeting and to welcome the new members to the task force,” said Mayor Denis Law. “It’s our priority to make all who live, work, or visit Renton feel safe and welcome. The work of the task force goes a long way in making this a reality.”

The seven new members represent African-American, Chinese-American, Indian, Sikh, Somali, Vietnamese communities and the Muslim faith. The task force now has representation from those groups as well as African-American youth, East-African, Filipino, Latino, LGBT, Senior, Sudanese, and Ukrainian communities.

At the meeting, the task force pledged to continue working towards making all residents of Renton feel safe and welcome. Over the next few months they will look at expanding commerce and business opportunities for all, facilitating forums to encourage open conversations between different cultural groups, hosting career fairs to increase employment, engaging youth participation, exploring opportunities for seniors and immigrant groups to come together, and increasing outreach to different community groups about city services.

Mayor Law formed the Inclusion Task Force in 2015 with the goal of supporting the city’s mission of serving all who live in the Renton community. The goal of building an inclusive and informed city with opportunities for all is one of five goals of the Renton Business Plan.

“Our goal is to embrace the diversity in the Renton community and build an inclusive city with opportunities for all,” he said then. “The voices and engagement of all members of our community are essential to the vitality and quality of our city and all of its neighborhoods. With this task force, it is my priority to remove barriers to inclusion and sustain long-term relationships with Renton’s diverse communities.”

The full task force meets about five times a year. In addition, subcommittees coordinate and meet as needed to work on specific priorities. Since 2015, the task force has hosted numerous events, including community dialogues, forums, and festivals, and developed relationships with community and business groups.


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