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Internet Clown Threats

From the Renton School District
October 4, 2016

You have likely heard of clown sightings or threats being circulated on social media throughout the U.S. This activity, widely known as hoaxes, is believed to have started in August in South Carolina.

News stations and social media sites throughout the nation are reporting stories of people dressing up as clowns and walking around communities “creeping people out” or anonymous threats being made on Facebook and other social media. Some of the threats are directed to schools or other places in communities. There are many reports in cities across the U.S. of teenagers being arrested for making threats to schools or to other students, related to the clown threats.

Police have had no credible activity or information to believe this is anything more than an Internet prank or hoax across the U.S.

Here in our district we have Renton Police Officers who serve as School Resource Officers assigned to high schools and work to provide safety at other schools. We also have a close working relationship with the King County Sherriff’s Office for our schools outside of the City of Renton. We also have school safety/security officers at all middle and high schools. All of these trained professionals are vigilant and work hard every day to keep school campuses safe so that teachers and students can focus on learning.

We are sending this message to all district families asking that they remind child/teens to always report any suspicious behavior or threats directly to an adult at home or school. And that they stress the dire consequences of being involved in making such threats, which are subject to criminal prosecution.

Renton School District takes school safety and security seriously. We will continue to keep students and staff safe while maintaining focus on education.