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Preeti Shridhar, Deputy Public Affairs Administrator, 425-430-6569
Gregg Zimmerman, Public Works Administrator, 425-430-7311

Clean Bill of Health for Renton’s Drinking Water

In a presentation to City Council on Monday, City of Renton public works administrator Gregg Zimmerman stated that lead levels in Renton’s drinking water have either been non-detectable or well below the Federal Action Limit for the past 15 years.

Lead can be harmful when consumed in drinking water. According to the EPA, the main source of lead in drinking water is the corrosion of household pipes, especially in homes built before 1986. Since 1999, the city has met all requirements of the Federal Lead and Copper rule that sets limits on contaminant levels in drinking water.

“We’ve taken steps over the years to ensure safe drinking water for our residents,” said Zimmerman. “The city has constructed corrosion control treatment facilities, performs regular testing, and has systematically removed lead and galvanized steel service lines during water main replacement projects.”

According to Zimmerman, residents concerned about the presence of lead in their drinking water can take several measures to keep their drinking water safe. These include running faucets for two minutes twice a day, using only cold water for drinking, and purchasing NSF-certified water filters. Residents may also have their water tested in State-certified labs.

For more information about water quality in the City of Renton, download the Water Quality Report from the city’s website.