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Renton Police are Targets of "Caller ID Spoofing"

June 8th, 2015
For more information contact:
David Leibman
, Public Information Officer, 425-430-7573

Man impersonating officers making rude prank calls

Renton, Washington-Renton Police began receiving reports from concerned members of the public earlier today, after they received phone calls that their caller ID showed were originating from the police department. The male caller identified himself as a Renton officer and made rude or inappropriate comments.

It was quickly determined that the Department was the victim of caller ID spoofing, which is the practice of using software or websites to cause the telephone network to show a false originating phone number on caller ID.

The City of Renton IT Department is working to track down the source of the calls.

This spoofing attack may not be limited to the Renton Police Department. Officers do not randomly call the public. In the near term, if you receive questionable or inappropriate calls from anyone claiming to be in law enforcement, ask for identifying information, a number to call them back, and then verify the information before returning the call.