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Two Burglary Suspects Arrested

May 28th, 2015

For more information contact:
Sergeant Luther
, Investigations Unit, 425-430-7500
David Leibman, Public Information Officer, 425-430-7573

Police alerted by homeowner with remote video feed

Renton, Washington-Two men were arrested today after police were alerted by the homeowner, who was watching the suspects burglarize his home via his cellphone.

The homeowner gave police a description of one suspect, and officers quickly responded to the 1300 block of NE 28th Street. They spotted two men walking a short distance from the victim’s house, both of whom resembled the description. They ran when Officers tried to contact them.

One suspect ran to a nearby Park and Ride, where he entered a car but was taken into custody before he could drive away. Other officers spotted the second suspect, and chased him to the detached garage of another home. The suspect tried to kick in the door to gain entry, but was taken into custody before he could succeed.

The homeowner’s video alarm system was instrumental in getting the officers real time information, and was also able to record the event for investigators to use as evidence.

The 34 and 48 year old suspects were booked into jail on burglary charges.