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City of Renton Takes Action to Address Invasive Water Weeds

May 26, 2015

For more information contact:
Kelly Beymer,
Parks and Golf Course Director, 425-430-6600
Preeti Shridhar, Deputy Public Affairs Administrator 425-430-6569

Swimming areas in Gene Coulon Beach and Kennydale Beach to be treated for milfoil

RENTON: On Monday, June 8, an aquatic herbicide will be applied to the waters of the swim beach and boat harbor at Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park and at Kennydale Beach Park for the treatment of milfoil, an aquatic non-native weed that flourishes in Washington. An additional treatment will occur on Tuesday, June 9, if it cannot be completed on June 8.

Milfoil is a feathery weed that can tangle up people, boat propellers, and fishing lines. It chokes out native plants, spreads rapidly to new areas and has few natural controls. Once established, it is very difficult to remove through mechanical removal efforts and aquatic treatment is the most effective solution.

The process includes applying an aquatic herbicide below the surface of the water, which then settles on the plants. Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park swim area and Kennydale Beach Park will be closed on June 8 to conduct the application. The product used for this application is very safe and is authorized by the Washington State Department of Ecology. Aquatechnex LLC, the contractor conducting the application, has notified area residents and has posted signs.

For more information, contact Kelly Beymer, Parks and Golf Course Director at 425-430-6600.