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May 15, 2015

For more information contact:
Anjela St. John, Fire Marshal, Renton Fire & Emergency Services Department, 425-430-7023
Preeti Shridhar, Deputy Public Affairs Administrator, 425-430-6569

Increase in Suspicious Fire Activity - Arson Fires in Downtown Renton

RENTON: There has been a recent rash of suspicious fire activity occurring in the downtown core area of Renton. After a total of five fires in the last three weeks, Renton Fire & Emergency Services officials believe an arsonist may be active in this area.

The fires occurred:
• April 25, 00:08 hours, in the 100 block of S 3rd St.
• May 2, 00:46 hours, in the 300 block of Rainier Ave S
• May 11, 00:51 hours, in the 400 block of SW 2nd
• May 12, 00:09 hours, on SW 7th St
• May 12, 03:22 hours, in the 200 block of S 4th PL

"We are seeing an active arson problem in the downtown core area of Renton. We have investigated these fires and determined that they are being intentionally set, and are approaching this situation very seriously. The dangers of these fires are the possibility of someone getting hurt, killed, or losing their business," said Fire Chief Mark Peterson.

The fire department is advising residents and business owners to take extra precautions aimed at reducing the likelihood of a fire being set near their home or business. Tips include:
• Do not store garbage, discarded materials or other combustibles near any structures
• Keep the exterior of your building lit during nighttime hours
• Report any suspicious activities that you see occurring around your building or neighborhood

Renton Fire & Emergency Services and Renton Police are asking for the community's help in finding the suspect or suspects behind these acts of arson. Please contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 425-430-7000 if you have any information.