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Renton Police Investigate a Series of Occupied Residential Burglaries

March 27, 2015

For more information contact:
Sergeant Radke
, Investigations Unit, 425-430-7500
Terri Vickers, Public Information Officer, 425-430-7520

Suspects steal property while occupants sleep

Several north Renton / south Newcastle residents have woken up this month to find their wallets, cell phones, even a car (the keys were on the counter) stolen from inside their house or apartment during the night. These suspect(s) are simply entering through an unlocked door or open window, and quickly grabbing your easily located items before leaving. It takes only seconds. In one case, the suspect removed the window screen and entered the home through an open window into a room where three children were sleeping – then stole items from the victim’s purse and left through the front door.

At least twelve burglaries of this type, from both apartments and single family homes on several streets and in multiple neighborhoods, have been reported to police. It’s possible that more incidents have gone unreported, with the owners thinking they misplaced their property – never guessing that a criminal entered their home while they were sleeping and stole their valuables.

Some of the homes had pry marks on the doors, indicating the suspect(s) may have used a pry tool to open locked doors. A secondary lock on sliding glass doors (sold at home repair stores or as simple as a sturdy dowel in the door track) will decrease the risk of your slider being pried open. All exterior doors should be solid wood or metal, and fitted with deadbolt locks installed with 3” screws, to reduce the risk of prying. Window screens do not provide security, as they can easily be removed or cut.

With the increase in temperatures and summer months ahead, it’s easy to let down your guard to enjoy the weather. Don’t give criminals an easy opportunity to steal your property – keep your doors and windows locked!