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Riverview Park Bridge Demolition to Begin July 23

July 18, 2014

Todd Black,
Capital Project Coordinator 425-430-6600
Preeti Shridhar, Deputy Public Affairs Administrator 425-430-6569

In 2011, a structural review rated the Riverview Park Bridge’s substructure in “poor condition.” The city received a direct appropriation of $1,067,000 from the state legislature in 2013 to replace the bridge.

Beginning July 23, the bridge over the Cedar River at Riverview Park will be demolished and removed with completion estimated by early September 2014. During construction, the parking lot will be closed. The restroom at Riverview Park will be closed until the new bridge is constructed. Access to the park will be available via the Cedar River Trail from Maplewood Roadside Park as well as the NARCO property.

The replacement bridge will be single span and have a grated surface to allow for better sunlight penetration to the water below. Construction for the new bridge is scheduled during July and August in 2015.