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Additional Red Light Camera in Renton

July 9, 2014

For more information contact:
Commander Clark Wilcox
, Renton Police Department, 425-430-7597
Terri Vickers, Renton Police PIO, 425-430-7520

SE 176th Street at Benson Road S/108th Avenue SE

Running red lights or other traffic controls is the most common cause of all urban crashes.

The City of Renton is adding an additional Red Light Photo Enforcement Camera at the intersection of SE 176th Street at Benson Rd S/108th Ave SE. An analysis of this intersection found that on average, 47 vehicles fail to stop for the red traffic control signal during a twenty-four hour period.

A thirty day warning period will begin on August 1st, during which time the registered owner of a vehicle running the red light will receive a warning citation in the mail. Beginning on September 1, the registered owner of a vehicle photographed for failing to comply with the red traffic control light will receive a citation for $124.00.

It is important for citizens to know that photo enforcement violations do not get applied to their driving record. These violations are not recorded by the Washington State Department of Licensing. Similar to a parking ticket, the registered owner is responsible for the violation and fine resulting from running a red light.

Running a red light is extremely dangerous not only to the occupants of the vehicle running the red light, but also to pedestrians and to occupants of other vehicles entering the intersection on a green signal.