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City to Activate Flashing School Beacons at Nine Renton Schools July 7 to August 7

June 25, 2014
For more information contact:
Preeti Shridhar
, Deputy Public Affairs Administrator, 425-430-6569

Photo Enforcement Speed Safety Cameras to be Activated in Four Schools

RENTON: The City of Renton will be activating the flashing school beacons, alerting motorists of the 20 mph speed zones, at nine Renton schools this summer from July 7 to August 7. As part of the Renton School District’s Science Exploration Project, nine schools will be open weekdays beginning Monday, July 7 through Thursday, August 7.

The flashing school beacons will be activated for the start-up and dismissal times, one half hour before and after each time, and the 20 mph speed zones will be strictly enforced. The nine schools that will have flashing school beacons and 20 mph school zones include: Benson Hill; Cascade; Highlands; Kennydale; Meadow Crest; Sierra Heights; Talbot Hill; Honeydew; and Tiffany Park.

Four schools have speed safety cameras installed—Benson Hill, Cascade and Talbot Hill and Honeydew —and they will be activated on the days that school is in session. Signs have been posted at the speed safety camera locations to alert drivers that cameras are in use. The cameras operate during specific school times and capture still photographs and video of every vehicle that exceeds the school zone speed limit. Vehicles exceeding the speed limit through the school zones will be photographed, and those images will be reviewed by the Renton Police Department to determine if a citation is to be issued. The registered owner of the offending car will be issued a ticket for $124 if the 20 mph school zone speed limit is exceeded by 6 to 15 mph and $250 if the speed limit is exceeded by 16 mph or more.

Drivers are asked to always obey speed limits, and during the summer months be particularly aware that kids are out of school and may be present at any time of the day. For more information on the speed safety cameras, contact Clark Wilcox at 425-430-7500.