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RapidRide F Line Starts in Renton

June 9, 2014

For more information contact:
Gregg Zimmerman,
Public Works Administrator, 425-430-7200
Preeti Shridhar, Deputy Public Affairs Administrator, 425-430-6569


(Left to Right) Tukwila Mayor Jim Haggerton, King County Executive Dow Constantine, Renton Mayor Denis Law.

RENTON: The RapidRide F Line began operating in Renton on Saturday, June 7. This route provides timely and convenient connections between Burien, Tukwila and Renton.

“We are very pleased to finally bring this service to our community,” said Mayor Denis Law. “The RapidRide F line will provide an essential link between Tukwila and Renton including the Sounder rail station, Sound Transit’s Link light rail, Boeing and The Landing. This will help get people to their jobs, improve access to key employment and commercial centers in our cities, and stimulate development in the future.”

While originally the Bus Rapid Transit “F Line” was slated for service from Burien through SeaTac and Tukwila to Renton’s Downtown Transit Center, the City of Renton pursued the extension of the line from the Downtown Transit Center to The Landing and Boeing’s Renton Plant.

The RapidRide F Line is the first east-west RapidRide line and it serves a 12-mile corridor. It will replace routes 110 and 140, and will provide frequent all-day weekday service from 4:45 a.m. to midnight and weekend service from 6 a.m. to midnight. The F Line provides connections to the Tukwila Sounder Station, the Link light rail station at Tukwila International Boulevard, the Burien Transit Center, the Renton Transit Center and The Landing.

The corridor will see an overall 69 percent increase in service with the F Line compared to Route 140 service prior to extending to The Landing. The RapidRide F line will run every 10 minutes during peak commutes, and is expected to carry about 3,500 weekday riders. RapidRide F Line received a Federal Transit Administration grant totaling $18.5 million.

“RapidRide is helping us build the most efficient all-day transit network, one that offers a great customer experience and better positions King County for the growth coming to our region," said King County Executive Dow Constantine. "I'm grateful for the state and federal funding that allowed us to expand this increasingly popular service.”