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Warm Weather Brings Increased Danger –Prevent Children from Falling Out of Windows

July 18, 2013

For more information contact:
Mark Peterson
, Fire Chief, Renton Fire & Emergency Services Administrator, 425-430-7000

Renton Fire & Emergency Services rush young girl who falls from window to hospital

RENTON: When the weather is warm it can be tempting to open windows for increased ventilation and air circulation. At 11:46 a.m. today a 9-1-1 call was received that a 2 ½ year-old girl had fallen from a third-story window at a residence in the Renton Highlands. Fire & Emergency Services personnel responded within minutes and have transported her to Harborview Medical Center. Renton Police are on the scene investigating the incident, and according to initial reports a window screen gave way and the girl fell three floors to the ground below.

The Renton Fire & Emergency Services Department wants to remind parents and caregivers that open windows can create a dangerous, even deadly, situation for children.

“It is essential to watch children closely especially when they are near windows, doors or on balconies," said Fire Chief Mark Peterson.
Window falls are not just a problem for residents of multi-story buildings. Falling from a first floor window can also harm young children. Fortunately, most window falls can be prevented by taking the appropriate safety measures in homes where small children live or visit.
In the United States falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury for children. Children under the ages of 14 account for one third of all fall-related visits to hospital emergency rooms. Spring and summer are the time when most accidents due to falls from windows occur.

  • Never depend on screens to keep children from falling out of windows.
  • Install window guards or window stops. Window stops prevent windows from opening more than four inches while window guards are specially designed coverings for windows to prevent falls. Whenever possible, open windows from the top, not the bottom.
  • Keep furniture away from windows to discourage children from climbing near windows.
  • Properly supervise children.