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Renton Municipal Arts Commission proudly presents artwork by local artist Amanda DeSilver

April 23, 2013

Jennifer Davis Hayes
, Community Development Project Manager 425-430-6589
Preeti Shridhar, Communications Director 425-430-6569
Carco Theatre 425-430-6706

Amanda DeSilverThe Renton Municipal Arts Commission proudly presents an exhibit by local artist Amanda J. DeSilver. The exhibit is on display through May 17. The public is invited to meet the artist at a reception on Saturday, April 27, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the Carco Theatre Lobby.

According to artist Amanda J. DeSilver, “A great deal of our lives is spent in confined spaces—offices, homes, cars, structures not of our making. So too are we restricted by our modes of thought, habits and definitions. In my work, natural landscapes provide the catalyst to creating new environments unfettered by internal and external obstructions. Mountainsides, beaches, even a lone street tree can create room to breathe. Unexpected colors and forms open the mind to new possibilities and clear away the clutter of facts and figures. Contemplation and surprise allow the imagination to wander. I invite you to journey with me to wide open spaces and uncharted territories.”

Amanda graduated from Syracuse University as a printmaking major in 1993. After years of travel, she struck camp in the Puget Sound area, impressed by the astounding beauty of the Northwest. The unique landscapes of the region inspired her to explore them through painting and collage as well as on foot. Her emotions during these adventures have influenced? her bold and sometimes unusual use of color. Amanda has exhibited in a number of alternative spaces throughout Western Washington for the past decade, participated in public art projects, and volunteered her time in various arts organizations.

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Carco Theatre, adjacent to the Renton Community Center, is located at 1717 Maple Valley Highway at the intersection of I-405 and Maple Valley Highway. Please contact the theatre for viewing times at 425-430-6706 or at  For more information about the Renton Municipal Arts Commission, visit