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Renton City Council adopts 2013-2014 Budget

December 5, 2012

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RENTON – On Monday, December 3, the Renton City Council passed the Mayor’s 2013-2014 budget proposal. The Council adopted a balanced budget of $457 million, of which $202 million is the General Government fund that is used for police, fire and emergency services, parks, street repair and other basics required to run a city.

Despite an estimated shortfall of $5 million per year, mainly due to reduced property values and rising costs, the balanced budget minimizes staff layoffs and preserves core services. Instead the city’s workforce is reduced by 25 positions primarily achieved through attrition. The budget also includes cost-saving reforms to reduce the city’s medical premium costs, revenue options including fee adjustments for the business license fee, impact fees for new development (phased in after 2014), and a medical transport fee to be charged to insurance companies.

In the utility funds, the Council adopted revenue increases of 5% each year for water, wastewater, surface water and solid waste and to increase the utility tax by .08% for water, surface water and solid waste utilities.

“This budget continues our commitment to fiscal discipline, while focusing on providing high quality services to our community," said Council President Rich Zwicker.”

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