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Governor Appoints Renton Councilmember to Forensics Investigations Council

October 5, 2012

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RENTON, WA – Renton City Councilmember Don Persson has been appointed by the Governor to the State of Washington’s Forensic Investigations Council. His term of office is effective September 24, 2012, and will continue until August 10, 2014.

Renton Councilman Don Persson “It is an honor to serve on this council,” said Councilmember Don Persson. “Public safety is of critical importance and forensic science helps us ensure that our justice system is working.”

The Forensics Investigations Council is responsible for overseeing the state toxicology laboratory, the Washington State Patrol crime laboratory, and the state forensic pathology fellowship program. Together with the University of Washington, the council controls the toxicology laboratory's operation and the fellowship program. The council approves the budget of the Washington State Patrol crime laboratory prior to formal submittal to the Office of Financial Management. The council facilitates the provision of resources necessary for the performance of autopsies by qualified pathologists. These autopsies are essential to the criminal justice and death investigation systems of this state and its counties. The council facilitates the development of relevant sudden childhood death training for county coroners, medical examiners, law enforcement officers, and other first responders.

The goal of the council is to promote an integrated, efficient statewide death investigation system. One of the main focus areas of the council is to study and recommend cost-efficient improvements to the state death investigation system.

Don Persson is serving in his twelfth year on city council, and currently serving as Chair of the city council’s Public Safety Committee. He has served as Council President in three of his past years, and has also served on most council committees during his tenure.

Don serves on numerous regional boards and commissions, and works cooperatively with other jurisdictions to build cohesive regional plans. He is known for his independent thinking and his focus on ensuring value to the citizens of Renton. He won't compromise our city's interests, and he is quick to keep the rest of the council informed about details that could negatively impact Renton.

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