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Renton Volunteers Honored as Citizens of the Year and Outstanding Citizens

September 24, 2012

For more information contact:
Kellie Jordan
, Renton Chamber of Commerce, 425-226-4560
Preeti Shridhar, City of Renton, 425-430-6569

RENTON, WA: The City of Renton, Renton Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club of Renton will honor Norma and Kevin McQuiller as the 2012 Citizens of the Year and Bernadene (Bernie) Dochnahl and Bob Bliesner as Outstanding Citizens. These awards recognize their unwavering dedication and far-reaching contributions to the Renton community.

COY 2012 McQuillers“It is my privilege to recognize Norma and Kevin McQuiller as the 2012 Citizens of the Year and Bernie Dochnahl and Bob Bliesner as Outstanding Citizens," said Renton Mayor Denis Law. “They are the true heroes of our city and I am joined by the entire community to thank them for their selfless good work. Renton is truly grateful for their unfailing commitment to make this city a better place for everyone.”

Numerous organizations and thousands of individuals benefit from the combined volunteer efforts of Norma and Kevin McQuiller, Bernie Dochnahl and Bob Bliesner. Their volunteer service focuses on a variety of areas, including healthcare, education, neighborhood and community involvement, public safety, caring for the homeless, business, and the arts.

Renton’s Outstanding Citizens program is sponsored by the Renton Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club of Renton, and the City of Renton. Representatives from the Renton Chamber of Commerce, City of Renton, Rotary Club of Renton and past winners select the outstanding citizens, who will be honored at a special banquet Thursday, October 18, at the Renton Senior Activity Center.

“These individuals are at the heart of Renton and their contributions greatly impact the quality of life of so many people in our community,” said Sabrina Mirante, president of the Renton Chamber of Commerce.

“Norma, Kevin, Bernie and Bob exemplify the spirit of Renton,” said Sally Rochelle, president of the Rotary Club of Renton. “It is an honor to be able to recognize these outstanding individuals, who have looked beyond themselves and helped others.”

2012 Citizens of the Year Norma and Kevin McQuiller are caring, generous and active Renton residents, dedicated to helping nurture and enhance Renton’s neighborhoods and make Renton a better place to live, work, learn and play. They have been involved in numerous volunteer and fundraising efforts for service projects for the Renton Rotary, King County Sexual Assault Resource Center, and Habitat for Humanity. They have been mentors with Communities In Schools of Renton, and have been actively involved with education, arts, history, faith, community, social service agencies, humanitarian relief, community events, and mentoring/tutoring. They are the force behind Renton’s Neighborhood program and have been part of the Renton River Days family of volunteers. Kevin McQuiller has served two terms on the Board of Trustees of the Renton Historical Society. In 2006, Norma McQuiller was awarded the prestigious President’s Volunteer Service Award by President George W. Bush for her volunteer service and for making a difference in the lives of others.

COY 2012Dochnahl2012 Outstanding Citizen Bernie Dochnahl is a talented civic leader, business owner and longtime resident of Renton. For over three decades she has been committed to providing employment opportunities in Renton, advocating and mentoring women in non-traditional roles, and has worked tirelessly to increase access to healthcare services in the greater Renton community. Dochnahl was appointed by Governor Lowry to chair the Health Services Commission created by the Health Services Act in the mid-90’s, was appointed to the Harborview Medical Center Board of Trustees, and served as the Executive Director for Global Partnership, a non-profit organization that sponsors small loans to poor women in Central America. . She previously served as a chair of the Renton Chamber of Commerce’s board and continues to chair the Chamber’s legislative committee.  She serves as chair for the Mutual of Enumclaw Property & Casualty Company and has been on the board for 18 years.  She is trustee to the UW Medicine/Valley Medical Center Board. She has also served on the board of the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center (KSARC) and continues to provide them with on-going support. Dochnahl’s efforts have had a profound positive impact on the Renton community.

COY 2012 Bliesner2012 Outstanding Citizen Bob Bliesner retired from The Boeing Company in 1994 and since then has dedicated his time to serve the Renton community. As part of the Washington Trails Association Bliesner was instrumental in the restoration of hundreds of miles of trails in Washington. He served as the Vice President and on the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity, and helped construct numerous homes and promote the organization. As a member of King of Kings Lutheran Church Bliesner has worked tirelessly with Renton’s diverse populations, providing English language training and helping them take care of their basic needs. Perhaps Bliesner is best known for his efforts with Area of Renton Interfaith Shelter Endeavor (ARISE) that provides a men’s shelter in Renton and helps place men into permanent housing. Bob Bliesner has made a significant difference to the quality of life in Renton.

For more information and banquet reservations, visit or call 425-226-4560. To schedule interviews with 2012 Citizens of the Year or Outstanding Citizens, email Preeti Shridhar at