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Statement from Renton Mayor Denis Law on Ray Conner, Boeing Commercial Airplanes new CEO

June 27, 2012

For more information contact:
Preeti Shridhar,
Communications Director, 425-430-6569

“The City of Renton is pleased with Boeing’s announcement that Ray Conner will be taking over as the CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Mr. Conner is from the Renton area and has worked his way through many levels and business lines of the company. He played a key role in the decision to build the 737 MAX in Renton and in keeping thousands of aerospace workers employed in Renton and throughout the region for many years to come. We look forward to working with him and his team and continuing to build on the strong partnership that we have with The Boeing Company.

We also want to thank Jim Albaugh for his years of service to Boeing and the aerospace industry. It was under Mr. Albaugh’s leadership that historic agreements were made resulting in a significantly strengthened aerospace industry across Washington state, including continued historic 737 production in Renton.

Renton has been the home of The Boeing Company for 70 years. The first commercial jet, the Boeing 707, was made in Renton, and the best selling jets in history have been assembled in Renton ever since. More than 40 percent of the jetliners in the air around the world today took their maiden flight from Renton Municipal Airport. We are extremely proud of our history with Boeing and we are working hard to ensure its continued success.”