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Renton Area Business Experiencing Fire Department Sprinkler Connection Thefts

April 3, 2012

For more information contact:
Assistant Fire Marshal Pargas,
Preeti Shridhar, Communications Director 425-430-6569

RENTON – The Renton Fire and Emergency Services Department and Renton Police Department have received reports from Fire District Connectionsseven properties that the fire department connections (FDC) have been stolen. This amounts to approximately 60 fittings throughout the city. Fire department connections are typically located on the side of the building or in landscaping between the building and the parking lot or street.

These connections are vital to the function of the fire sprinkler system as they are utilized by the fire department to supplement the fire sprinkler system’s water supply and to provide water to the upper floors of buildings.

“This is a life safety issue,” said Chief Mark Peterson, "as we rely on these systems to augment our ability to fight fires.”

Business owners should check the FDCs regularly to ensure they are still in place and report any missing FDCs to the police and fire department by calling 911. Business owners are encouraged to contact their fire sprinkler contractor for information on what steps can be taken to secure the FDCs and prevent theft at their facility.

Metal thieves have targeted other cities as well including Lacey, Olympia and some areas of Skagit County. Thefts usually occur at night and thieves can get as much as $25 for each fitting but the replacement could be upwards of $500. Salvage yards should never accept any brass sprinkler fitting unless from a licensed fire sprinkler contractor.

Only licensed fire sprinkler contractors and the fire department will ever need to touch these fittings. Anyone who sees someone tampering with an FDC should immediately contact the police by calling 911.