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Renton Municipal Arts Commission proudly presents artwork by local photographer Lesli Cohan

April 2, 2012

Jennifer Davis Hayes, Community Development Project Manager 425-430-6589
Preeti Shridhar, Communications Director 425-430-6569
Carco Theatre 425-430-6706

The Renton Municipal Arts Commission proudly presents an exhibit by local photographer Lesli Cohan. The exhibit will be on display April 7 through May 11. The public is invited to meet the artist at a reception on Saturday, April 14, from 5 to 7 pm in the Carco Theatre Lobby.

Lesli Cohan has been an avid photographer for more than 20 years, working first in film media and now in digital format, using a full frame format 35mm digital camera. She has studied with professional photographers in the US and France, developing her distinct focus on nature, landscapes, and interesting forms, shapes and textures.

Her work, which has been shown in galleries across the United States, highlights the nature of creativity and communication through photography. Her passion and vision are to show the wonder of nature and our surroundings in a different view. She works extensively in her home state of Washington and within the US and Europe.

Lesli states, “As a photographer, I am always looking for the intriguing viewpoint, the play of light and shadow, an illumination of a moment in time. For any artist, your canvas is where your heart draws you. For me, that is in photographing the beauty that surrounds us in textures, shapes and colors–seeing and interpreting them through my camera.”

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Carco Theatre, adjacent to the Renton Community Center, is located at 1717 Maple Valley Highway at the intersection of I-405 and Maple Valley Highway. Theatre hours of operation are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, with additional viewing on show nights. Please contact the theatre for show times at 425-430-6706 or at

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