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Renton Police End Crime Spree

November 23, 2010

For more information contact:

Todd Frazier, Sergeant, Renton Police Department, 425-430-7500
Terri Vickers, Public Information Officer, Renton Police Department, 425-430-7520

Prime Suspect Charged with Eight Felonies, Stolen Property Recovered

RENTON: Due to ongoing criminal activity including numerous calls involving burglaries, robberies, and complaints of illegal discharge of firearms in the 300 block of Garden Avenue North, the Special Enforcement Team (SET) of the Renton Police Department initiated an investigation into the occupants of a residence suspected to be associated with the crimes. Police have suspected that individuals associated with this address have been involved in various illegal activities. Renton Police conducted six days of targeted surveillance over a two-week period and contacted several neighbors and potential victims. Thanks to the exceptional collaboration of several units of the police department, law enforcement personnel were able to serve search warrants and gather evidence necessary to detain 12 subjects associated with the residence.

The primary suspect has since been charged with eight felony crimes including possession of a stolen vehicle, firearms violations, second degree assault, burglary, possession of stolen property, and Violation of the Uniformed Controlled Substance Act (drug-related crimes). Three additional suspects have been charged with possessing/trafficking stolen property, and a runaway juvenile who was contacted during the investigation was returned to her foster parent.

Since the arrest, five burglary victims have come forward to recover their stolen property. Given the various crimes involved and the repeat nature of the crimes, the lead suspect is considered a high impact offender. If convicted, he is likely to receive a lengthy sentence.

“This has been a problem area for years and residents of this neighborhood have been subject to numerous incidents of unlawful behavior,” said Mayor Denis Law. “I am very pleased with our police officers who have taken proactive steps to put an end to this problem. Thanks to their persistence and the collaboration between the various units, we can now put these criminals away for a long time.”

These arrests were the result of the cooperative investigation by various divisions of Renton Police Department including the Special Enforcement Team, Repeat Burglary Initiative Unit, S.W.A.T. team, and Patrol Services Division. This is another example of the police department’s innovative crime analysis strategy to proactively identify repeat offenders and build strong cases against them, thereby incurring longer prison sentences. Renton Police Department is committed to finding long-term solutions to fight unlawful behavior with a multipronged approach to resolve both immediate problems and address the root cause of crime.