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City of Renton Helps Community Effort to Keep Lindbergh Pool Open

March 23, 2010

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Preeti Shridhar, Communications Director 425-430-6569
Terry Higashiyama, Community Services Administrator 425-430-6600

$40,000 helps Renton School District and Community Fund-raising Efforts

Renton, WA: The Renton City Council authorized provisional funding of $40,000 to support the Renton School District and the community in their efforts to keep the pool open at Lindbergh High School. By providing this funding, the city is able to aid the school district and partner with the community to support their fund-raising efforts to keep the pool open for a year. However, the funding from the city is contingent on the school district and the community being able to raise the remaining funds needed to keep the pool open for the coming school year.  

“The Lindbergh High School pool is an integral part of our community,” said Mayor Denis Law. “We know how disappointing it would have been not to have an indoor pool and were able to use the Benson Hill annexation transition budget to help the community this time. In the long-term the community needs to find a sustainable solution to fund the pool.”

During these past few months, community members, students and the school district have rallied together to look for creative ways to keep the pool open, and find ways to fund the $175,000 gap between the operating costs and revenues from the pool.  As a way to help the school district and the community the city is providing a one-time contribution of $40,000 that is available from the Benson Hill annexation transition funds. The Renton School District is confident of raising $75,000 to support this effort. The community members will need to raise the remaining funds—$60,000 in order to keep the pool open for the coming year.

 “Partnerships between the government and the community are a necessary wave of the future and a means to sustain community programs that are important to our citizens,” said Law.

"We believe that this contribution will significantly help the community-based fundraising efforts to keep the Lindbergh High School pool open for another year," said Renton Schools Superintendent Dr. Mary Alice Heuschel.  “But we need a permanent funding solution and in addition to reducing our operating costs, the community is actively pursuing partnerships, business sponsorships, and other donations.”  

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