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Artist Displays Liven Up Downtown Renton Storefronts

March 15, 2010

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Jennifer Davis Hayes, Community Development Project Manager 425-430-6589
Preeti Shridhar, Communications Director 425-430-6569

Downtown Renton Renton, WA - Silhouettes and easels with artwork are lining up along South 3rd Street in downtown Renton as part of an effort to increase the vitality and artistic opportunities in the city’s historic business district.  The Renton Municipal Arts Commission has partnered with property owners with vacant storefronts to display local artists’ work and improve the pedestrian atmosphere.   Displays of storefront artwork not only help to draw attention to the art, but also attract potential businesses and tenants.  This pilot project of the Arts Commission has showcased several artists in three downtown locations, one of which has recently been leased.

The current art display showcases oil paintings by Erik Korhel.  Korhel’s work will be on display from March 15 through May 17.  The storefront displays can be viewed at 807 South 3rd Street, courtesy of owner John Lu and family, and 911 South 3rd Street, courtesy of owner Don Schumsky. 

Erik Korhel is a painter using a medium consisting of oil paint on a cardboard canvas.  He uses cardboard because he likes the complimentary contrast with the oil color and the texture it provides.  Korhel gets inspiration for his paintings from within and focuses on ideas such as youth's loss and innocence. Within his work, he uses symbols as a means of expressing feelings through incorporating physical, emotional, nostalgia and childhood delights. 

“I use a soft palette, lightened colors, bordering on pastels as a comfort to myself, which in turn reflects itself on the viewer," said Korhel.

Erik Korhel is also the author of “My Tooth Fell in My Soup,” a book of children’s poetry.

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