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Renton Airport Runway Repaving Completed On Time and Under Budget

August 10, 2009

For more information contact:

Peter Hahn, Deputy Administrator, Transportation 425-430-7242
Preeti Shridhar, Communications Director 425-430-6569

Improvements significantly enhance safety and functionality

Renton, WA—Renton Municipal Airport has completed repaving all the asphalt sections of its runway on budget and one day ahead of schedule. The $4.3 million project, which dramatically improves the safety and functionality of the runway surface, is the culmination of two years of planning and cooperation between the City of Renton, the Federal Aviation Administration, and other airport stakeholders.  A federal government grant covered 95 percent of the project costs with the remainder covered by airport-generated revenue.

Over 32,000 tons of asphalt (1,200 truckloads) was applied to the runway. The project included repaving and grooving the entire asphalt area of the runway, repairing and replacing concrete panels, installing drains to carry away rain water, and repainting the runway surface. The majority of the work took place over nine days and construction crews worked around the clock to ensure the runway was ready to reopen on time.  The project employed more than 100 construction workers.

“Our staff and the contractors have done an outstanding job improving our runway and adding immeasurable value to our airport while saving taxpayer dollars in the process,” said Renton Mayor Denis Law.

A temporary increase in departures of new production aircraft is expected over the next few days as The Boeing Company moves some of the recently built 737 planes to King County International Airport/Boeing Field. Grooving of the runway pavement will begin today and continue for at least the next two weeks in the evening hours up to 10 p.m.

The Renton Municipal Airport hosts approximately 100,000 take-offs and landings per year, making it the fifth busiest airport in the state. Currently, the airport is home to approximately 300 aircraft in addition to a large aircraft manufacturer. The airport is classified as a “reliever” airport as it helps reduce general aviation traffic at SeaTac International Airport and King County International Airport. The Renton Municipal Airport is open for flights 24 hours per day, seven days per week and plays a vital role in the aviation infrastructure of the Puget Sound region.