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Red Cross Urges Residents to Prepare for Potential Flooding

January 06, 2009

For more information contact:

Contact:  Katherine Boury (206) 726-3547
              Karen Kim (253) 441-7646

SEATTLE: The American Red Cross wants people to be aware of the possibility of flooding in our area and to be prepared if a flood should happen.  As with any potential flooding, the Red Cross will work with community and government partners to determine any sheltering needs which will be disseminated to local media.

“The forecast for the coming days includes a lot of rain so people should be aware to the possibility of flooding,” said Carol Dunn, a community disaster educator for the American Red Cross.  “Now is the time to make sure all family members know how to turn off gas, electricity, and water. You also should practice and plan an evacuation route.”

“If a flood watch is issued move your furniture and valuables to higher floors of your home,” Dunn added.  “It is also a good idea to fill your car's gas tank in case an evacuation notice is issued.”

Flood Safety Tips:

  • Eighty percent of those people who die as a result of flooding are in vehicles.  If you come upon a barricade, turn around and go another way.  If you come upon flood waters, do NOT drive through them; the road could be washed out underneath.
  • If you are driving and your car stalls, abandon your vehicle and head to higher ground.
  • If you are advised to leave before flooding occurs, do so right away.
  • Only if you have time - bring valuables and furniture to higher levels of your home; turn off the electrical power at the main source; secure the building.

For more safety tips and information on flooding please visit or