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Renton Police Department Personnel Honored

March 11, 2008

For more information contact:

Kevin Milosevich, Chief of Police 425-430-7500
Preeti Shridhar, Communications Director 425-430-6569

RENTON - On March 10, 2008, Renton Police Chief Kevin Milosevich presented recently promoted employees to the Renton City Council and the Mayor of Renton during the City Council meeting. Also recognized were employees who were honored by their fellow department members.


Officer Bill Judd promoted to Sergeant
Bill Judd is assigned to Renton’s Patrol Operations as a graveyard sergeant. He has been with the Renton Police Department (PD) for 10 of his 13 years of law enforcement. He is a former field training officer and is a department instructor for the Emergency Vehicle Operator’s Course (EVOC).

Officer Christine Mathews promoted to Sergeant 
Christine Mathews has served 18 of her 20 years of law enforcement with the Renton PD. She is assigned to Patrol Operations as a graveyard sergeant and has also spent time in Investigations.

Officer Russ Radke promoted to Sergeant
Russ Radke has spent all but one of his 23 years of law enforcement experience with the Renton PD. Russ has been assigned to Patrol Operations as a dayshift sergeant. In addition to serving in Patrol Operations, he has also worked for Investigations, D.A.R.E., and as a firearms instructor.

Officer Dave Skelton promoted to Sergeant
Dave Skelton has served 30 years with the City of Renton. Dave is a former K9 officer and has spent over 15 years as a member of the Crisis Communication Unit. Dave is assigned to Administrative Services and will oversee School Resource Officers, Training, Community Programs, and hiring processes.

Officer Ed VanValey promoted to Sergeant
Ed VanValey has 10 years of law enforcement experience with the City of Renton. Ed has served in specialty positions as a bicycle patrol officer and a field training officer. Ed is assigned to Patrol Operations as a graveyard sergeant.

Sergeant Paul Cline promoted to Commander
Paul Cline has over 30 years of law enforcement experience, 23 with Renton PD. Paul was assigned to both Patrol and Investigations as an officer and a sergeant. Paul is now assigned to Patrol Operations as the commander of the north sector of the city.

Sergeant Chad Karlewicz promoted to Commander
Chad Karlewicz has 17 years of law enforcement experience, all with the City of Renton. As an officer, Chad was assigned to both Patrol and Investigations. As a sergeant, Chad was assigned to Patrol, Investigations, and Administrative Services. As a commander, Chad is now assigned to Special Operations, overseeing our pro-active police efforts, narcotics, and code enforcement.

Commander Chuck Marsalisi promoted to Deputy Chief
Chuck Marsalisi has 28 years of law enforcement experience, 15 with the City of Renton. As a sergeant, Chuck was assigned to both Patrol and Administrative Services. As a commander, he was assigned to Patrol Operations and Special Operations. As deputy chief, Chuck oversees our Support Operations Bureau, which includes Investigations, Special Operations, and Administrative Services.

Special Recognitions:

Special recognition awards are given by fellow employees to personally thank employees and coworkers who demonstrate quality public service.
Parking Enforcement Officer Dianne Ford-Employee of the 1st Quarter 2008
Dianne Ford is known to her peers for being an extremely hard worker and a dedicated department employee. While her position is one of enforcement, she is also well known to senior citizens in the city for going out of her way to help respond to their needs, which are typically not law enforcement related.

Officer Bob Dreher-Employee of the 3rd Quarter 2007
Bob Dreher was assigned to the Special Operations Division when it began in January 2007.  Due to a shortage of field training officers and an abundance of recruits to train, he was asked to temporarily assist the department as a field training officer because of his prior experience in the position. Bob willingly returned to his old job and adjusted his schedule and personal life to accommodate the training program.

Chad Jay-Employee of the 4th quarter 2007 and Employee of the Year 2007
During the last quarter of 2007, Evidence Technician Chad Jay set up a bar coding system for evidence processing, in keeping with the recent upgrade to the department’s records management system. Like any new technology, there are always problems to resolve, and Chad has maintained a positive attitude and continues to willingly resolve issues as they arise. Chad has championed the cause for bar coding and has enthusiastically encouraged department members to understand this new technology and its benefits.