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July 26, 2007
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Alex Pietsch, Administrator, Economic Development, Neighborhoods & Strategic Planning - 425-430-6592
Preeti Shridhar, Communications Director 425-430-6569

Renton City Council Appoints Highlands Phase II Task Force

RENTON - On Monday, July 23, 2007, the Renton City Council approved the appointment of a new citizen task force for the Highlands neighborhood. Over the next 12-18 months, the 15-member task force will work with the City of Renton to further the revitalization and improvements in the Renton Highlands and develop recommendations for community development and public infrastructure.

Renton Councilmember Terri Briere will chair the Task Force. Robert Bonner, Jr., Renton Planning Commission, will serve as the vice-chair. Other members include landowners, renters, business owners, representatives from the Renton School District and a representative of a local church. The first meeting of the task force will be in mid-September.

"This task force is an exceptional group of men and women who understand the needs of the Highlands community and the opportunity we have to create a welcoming and vital neighborhood," said Councilmember Terri Briere, Chair of the Council’s Planning and Development Committee. " This is a great chance for the Highlands community to work with the city and make recommendations about the types of services and amenities they would like to see in their community.”

The Phase II Task Force will make recommendations on a variety of topics beyond the Comprehensive Plan and zoning work done by the Phase I Task Force that was approved by City Council earlier this year. The Phase II Task Force will be asked to identify and prioritize action items that could implement the Highlands “vision”-to create a neighborhood characterized by affordable housing, parks and recreation service, transportation options, and a wide range of commercial activities. Specifically, the Phase II Task Force will review the city’s current land use policies, as well as focus on parks, other public facilities, public safety and other programs.

Highlands Phase II Task Force 
Chair:  Terri Briere, Renton City Council, Chair, Planning and Development Committee
Vice-Chair: Robert Bonner, Jr., City of Renton Planning Commission 
Howard McComber, Highlands Neighborhood Association
Penny Eskenazi, Property Owner
Jennifer Hawton, Property Owner
Evelyn Mitchell, Property Owner
Roxanna Johnson, Property Owner
Sandel DeMastus, Renter
LeKechia Jones, Renter
Scott Anderson, St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
Marcie Maxwell, Renton School Board
Steven Beck, Business Owner/Resident/Property Owner
Jerri Broeffle, Jr., Business Owner/Resident/Property Owner
Kim Howard, Business Owner/Resident/Property Owner
Duc Tran, Business Owner
Chuong Brian Do (Alternate), Property Owner
Vacant, Renton Housing Authority

For more information about the Highlands Task Force, contact Rebecca Lind, Long Range Planning Manager, Economic Development, Neighborhoods & Strategic Planning Department at 425-430-6588.