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Media Advisory


May 31, 2007

For more information contact:
Alex Pietsch, Administrator, Economic Development, Neighborhoods, Strategic Planning, 425-430-6592
Preeti Shridhar,Communications Director 425-430-6569

City of Renton Seeks Candidates for Phase II Highlands Task Force

Applications due by June 15, 2007

RENTON: With the goal of furthering revitalization and improvement in the Renton Highlands, specifically on and around Harrington Avenue, the city is establishing a new citizen task force to review policies for development and public infrastructure. This effort will build on the recommendations of the initial task force regarding comprehensive plan and zoning code amendments. Those recommendations were recently adopted by the City Council and are now in effect.

This new Phase II Task Force will consist of 10 to 15 landowners, renters, business owners and representatives of community institutions, such as churches. Additionally, the city is also seeking representatives from the Renton School District and the Renton Housing Authority Board of Directors.

The goal is for the Phase II Task Force to review the city’s current land use policies, as well as focus on parks, other public facilities, and public safety, and make recommendations about the types of services and amenities it would like the city to provide. This is also a great opportunity for the Highlands community to provide input to the city as we begin the planning for the Library Masterplan, the Safe Routes to School program, and the Trails & Transportation study. 

The City Council Planning & Development Committee is accepting applications for citizens interested in serving on the task force. To receive an application contact Judith Subia at the City of Renton at 425-430-6575. The deadline to apply has been extended to June 15.